Choosing a bathroom basin is more than just about functionality – it’s about the emotion and the aesthetic it adds to your bathroom. It’s also about how it helps you connect the other elements in your bathroom to ensure a seamless look. 

Nowadays, designing a bathroom is about creating a space that can make you feel like you’re relaxing at a spa or luxury hotel. For that reason, designing your bathroom has become an exciting, serious and important task. Some even transform their boring wash closet into a relaxing haven that has Instagram-worthy features!

If you’re in the midst of this same process, you must choose a basin that makes a natural fit with your aesthetic as the bathroom basin is the focal point of your entire bathroom, regardless of almost anything else you have in place. 

Choose under-mount basins for a more contemporary design 

Contemporary-style bathrooms are one of the most popular among homeowners because of their clean lines, clutter-free expanses of open spaces, and minimalistic elements. With emphasis placed on the beauty and quality of the materials used throughout the room, there’s a greater focus on maintaining a clean, fuss-free environment.

An under-mount bathroom basin is an ideal match for this aesthetic because it is fully-recessed into the vanity, creating a seamless finish with clean lines that move across the countertop. It’s easy to wipe water and spills directly from the countertop into the sink. These basins are often coupled with a solid surface countertop that acts as a seal against moisture. 

Remember to mix light and dark elements together to create a stunning visual contrast while maintaining your bathroom’s simplicity.

Semi-recessed basins for traditional-style bathrooms

Traditional bathrooms place a greater emphasis on comfort, functionality and practicality and it is a very popular aesthetic among homeowners. Typically neutral in tone, these bathrooms are relaxing and appear inviting with their classic colours, polished wood, and ample use of glass and tile.

Most often, these bathrooms are limited in space and are a common style in wash closets shared with children. If you’re looking for a bathroom basin to suit this aesthetic, semi-recessed bathroom basins are what you’re looking for. 

Since a semi-recessed bathroom basin sits at the front of the cabinet and countertop, it’s easier to reach the sink faucet without the obstruction of a countertop or cabinet. As such, this type of bathroom basin is ideal for young children and people with limited mobility.

A benchtop bathroom basin for a more eclectic bathroom style

Some bathrooms have the best of both worlds, seamlessly fusing traditional and modern styles. These are gaining popularity among homeowners, who utilise both old and new design elements in these spaces. 

The use of wood, stone, glass, patterned floors, dark metals and a bathroom basin that sits completely on top of the countertop are all part of this aesthetic. While retaining the bold yet simple elements of the modern style, this aesthetic also aims to achieve the functionality and practicality seen in traditional-style bathrooms.

A benchtop bathroom basin demands attention and is the perfect way to create a statement in your bathroom. Remember to allocate adequate space for the sink to sit above the counter, making sure it doesn’t end up being too high or uncomfortable to use.

This type of bathroom basin is ideal for a powder room, guest bathroom or even a master bathroom.

Carefully select a bathroom basin that matches the design of your bathroom

Selecting a bathroom basin that’s in sync with the aesthetic of your bathroom is not a decision you should make in haste. Certain elements in all bathrooms demand attention and a bathroom basin can make or break your entire look.

As much as it’s important to keep true to your design, remember to order your basin early on so that it can be a style and installation guide for your bathroom. Invest in high-quality products that are longlasting.