Given that a vanity basin is one of the most important fixtures in your bathroom, it’s very important to choose the best one for your home. It’s an amazing focal point and most likely the first thing anyone notices when they enter the room. 

Choosing the best vanity basin should, naturally, be based on the design, layout, and size that matches your bathroom’s design and space. If you’re considering buying a vanity unit and can’t decide if you need a vanity basin to go with it, these 5 reasons will be all you need to realise why you need one today:

1. Without a vanity basin, you’ll be brushing your teeth in the shower or bath (yikes)

The main functionality of a bathroom vanity basin is to be a trusty sidekick during your daily washing routines, which are ill-suited for the shower or the bath. 

Think about it – if you don’t have a basin, where can you wash your mouth after brushing your teeth? It seems odd to rinse out the toothpaste in your shower or bath! 

Installing a vanity basin to complete parts of your morning routine, such as brushing teeth, washing your face, putting on makeup, shaving, and washing your hands, helps you keep your bathroom clean, tidy, and organised. 

Plus, you don’t have to go to the shower and get your clothes wet just because you need to wash your hands!

2. A vanity basin is the best of both worlds

With the vanity providing you with adequate storage space and the basin providing you with the space to splash water on your face or wash your hands, a vanity basin is a perfect combination for your bathroom. It allows you to use the space in your bathroom appropriately, saving you the trouble of fitting in a separate basin and storage unit.

While the vanity is an aesthetically pleasing and practical way to store toiletries, beauty products, toilet paper, spare towels, and cleaning products, the basin provides you with added functionality while making a seamless fit with your bathroom’s aesthetic. 

3. There’s one that fits any size or style of your choosing

Bathroom vanity units, complete with the vanity and basin, come in a range of sizes and styles for you to choose from. The freedom you have to mix and match your basin and vanity allows you to be creative and also take bold risks to make a statement in one of the most important rooms in your home.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there are vanity units that can fit into your bathroom without any issue. All you have to do is create the vanity unit of your dreams with all the options available. 

4. It’s a bathroom fixture that adds an elegant touch

When shopping for a vanity unit, you’ll notice that the basin is often a part of a matching collection. The reason for this is to help you create a stylish, coordinated look in your bathroom, along with helping you wash your hands or face and store your essentials. 

The vanity also helps you hide the plumbing that directs the water to your basin’s faucet, while providing you with storage space, creating a clean and minimalistic aesthetic in your wash closet.

5. It’s an easy bathroom upgrade

Replacing an old bathroom sink for a vanity basin is really a simple and effective way of upgrading your bathroom fixtures and furniture. 

Unlike other fixtures, a sink is relatively easy to replace if you want a style upgrade, without doing a lot of damage to your bathroom’s tiles and wall!

Install a vanity basin in your bathroom today!

A vanity basin for your bathroom would not only enhance your convenience and functionality but also the style you’ve been looking to add to your wash closet.

Whatever the style and design you decide on, it will define the outlook of your bathroom and your home, helping you keep your bathroom tidy and clean. If you’re doubting whether a vanity basin is something you really need, it’s time to stop guessing.