How to pick sturdy and stylish bathroom towel rails

How to pick sturdy and stylish bathroom towel rails

Bathroom towel rails are essentially horizontal metal bars that are used as a drying rack for your towels. After all, reaching for a dry towel after a nice shower is a small luxury that everyone should enjoy and a bathroom towel rail, which can be both sturdy and stylish, makes this a possibility.

Bathroom towel rails are a practical addition to your bathroom and come in different designs such as single towel rails, double towel rails, swivel arms or robe hooks. They can be wall-mounted, self-standing or secured on the ceiling. 

You might not peg these to be challenging accessories to choose but it’s important to know what to look for before you buy one. A bathroom towel rail is an accessory that complements the layout of a bathroom and is designed to solve the issue of dripping water. As such, it’s important that you choose well. 

While your preferences and aesthetic appeal are certainly important, you must also consider practicality, usefulness, and durability. In this post, we tell you how to get on the rails to choosing a sturdy and stylish bathroom towel rail!

A bathroom towel rail with a coloured finish can complement your bathroom design

The colour or finish of the towel rail is important to consider for aesthetic reasons as it gives you the opportunity to mix and match your bathroom accessories and fixtures in line with your bathroom’s decor, without affecting the performance of the towel rail in any way: A double towel rail in a matte black finish is a great example.

Also, the type of metal the bathroom towel rail is made of contributes a lot to its strength, durability and ease of maintenance. 

For instance, rails made with chrome or stainless-steel are guaranteed to last longer than other, weaker metallic materials and are durable and lightweight, making them easier to handle during installation. 

More is more

While a single towel rail is the standard choice for many homeowners, double (or more) rails in a towel rail give you more drying space. This is a good option if more than one person is using your bathroom. 

However, you must also keep in mind that a double towel rail could be more expensive. More rails also mean that the longer they extend from the wall, the more likely they are to be a safety hazard for anyone using the bathroom; you don’t want to run into the bathroom towel rail every time you come out of the shower!

Ease of installation can hint at how sturdy your towel rail is

Some bathroom towel rails are installed using screws and a mounting bracket, some using a suction cup, and others using self-adhesive tape. All of them are fairly easy to install, although some are sturdier than others.

Self-adhesive tape types are the easiest to install as you only need to peel off the tape to stick each post to the wall. Suction cup bathroom towel rails utilize vacuum strength to hold the rail firmly onto the wall. Both require a clean and smooth surface for installation and the glue in the adhesive tape usually requires about 24 hours to set.

Mounting brackets and screws require a bit of work as you have to drill the wall for installation. However, they root the shower rail very strongly to the wall, making it the sturdier option. Plus, it can be installed virtually anywhere. 

Give your towels the sturdy and stylish home they deserve!

Bathroom towel rails are an essential bathroom fixture that’s often dismissed because of their presumed lack of style. By choosing the right towel rail, however, you can now prove all the naysayers wrong.

Consider the finish, the number of rails, and the ease of installation before you decide to make a purchase. At WHO Bathroom Warehouse, we only have the best in store for you. Happy shopping!

13th Feb 2021

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