Hand towel rail buying guide

Hand towel rail buying guide

A hand towel rail is an essential fixture in any bathroom. Whether you’re remodelling your bathroom or are thinking about what bathroom accessories you need to complete your newly-built wash closet, a hand towel rail is a simple and must-have addition.

When choosing a hand towel rail or other bathroom accessories, remember, that at the end of the day, personal preference is king. Before you put holes in that freshly painted wall, though, it’s always better to come up with a plan for how you want to install your bathroom accessories. 

In this post, we discuss all you need to know before you buy a hand towel rail!

What is a hand towel rail?

While this question may seem somewhat pointless, you may be surprised by how many people mistake a hand towel rail for a towel rail and or even a toilet roll holder! 

While it’s true that the appearance of these everyday bathroom accessories might be similar, a hand towel rail is exactly what it describes itself to be – a towel rail designed to hold a hand towel. 

Some even like to call these hand towel rings and choose to install a hand towel ring instead. At WHO Bathroom Warehouse, however, we believe that a rail dries towels faster than a ring, so we only have hand towel rails in our collection.

What’s the correct placement for a hand towel rail?

Hand towel rails are an important accessory you need to keep in mind while planning your bathroom, instead of after your construction or renovation is complete. In these scenarios, there may not be space for the hand towel rail, which, thereafter, is either awkwardly placed on the benchtop or competes for space on the main towel rail. 

A hand towel rail should be placed within convenient reach of your vanity or washbasin. This way, it prevents random drips and water spots on your bathroom floor. However, make sure there’s enough space for the hand towel to be placed without getting it wet from any splashes of water. 

In certain instances, being left or right-handed also plays a role in choosing the right placement! Not every bathroom has the same outline or design, so deciding the best placement for your hand towel rail is a decision you have to make depending on the setup of your bathroom and the accessories/furniture you’ve placed inside.

We’ve noticed that when the bathroom door is either to the left or right side of the washbasin, people tend to turn towards the door the moment they’re done using the washbasin. If this is the design of your bathroom, place the hand towel rail next to the washbasin, on the side where the door is.

If your bathroom design is so that the bathroom door is at the back, when you stand in front of the washbasin, place the hand towel rail either next to the mirror on the wall or in close vicinity.

Choose a hand towel rail with the right finish 

The use of a hand towel rail is not only to hold a hand towel but also to help it dry. The material used for the hand towel rail, therefore, must be water-resistant and long-lasting. 

Rails made from chrome-plated brass, polished chrome or stainless steel are the best options, in this regard. They also blend well with other accessories in your bathroom and are wallet-friendly too. 

Hand towel rails are a must-have in your bathroom!

To complete the look and functionality of your bathroom, the right accessories, like a hand towel rail, make all the difference. To stop wet towels from taking up unnecessary space in your bathroom and making it look like a cluttered mess, fix a handy hand towel rail from our collection!

You can even choose to install hand towel rails in your kitchen, bedrooms or utility room.

13th Feb 2021

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