Do you need a towel rail in your bathroom?

Do you need a towel rail in your bathroom?

Contemplating whether you need a towel rail  to dry your towels until you need them again? Wondering whether a few robe hooks would do the trick? 

Having a dry, fluffy towel each time you want to dry yourself is an affordable luxury you no longer have to compromise on. Bathroom towel rails aren’t just an accessory; they perform an invaluable service, which you may take for granted until you need to dry yourself with a cold, wet towel.

Hang in there as we help you decide which towel rail is the best choice for your bathroom!

Determine how many people need towel drying space in your bathroom

Whether it’s an ensuite bathroom or a bathroom everyone at home uses, choosing the right-sized towel rail will depend on the number of people using that particular bathroom. 

Ensuites and smaller bathrooms can do with a towel rail, whereas families will probably need several single rails or double towel rails to accommodate everyone’s towels.

Whatever you choose, you must first understand how many people will need to use the towel rail at any given time before you purchase one (or two)!

Make sure that your towel rail is made with a non-corrosive coating

Given that towel rails have to carry their fair share of wet towels, they not only need to be hardy and durable but also able to withstand almost persistent exposure to dripping dampness. Here, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to make sure that your towel rail is made of the non-corrosive coating.

We recommend choosing either chrome or stainless steel towel rails as they are non-corrosive, easy to clean, easily match other bathroom accessories and make a comfortable fit within your budget.

A double towel rail is a space-saving convenience 

Double towel rail usually feature two parallel rails that let you hang two towels in the same vertical space. This is perfect if the wall space in your bathroom is limited or you need to accommodate a whole family in a small wash closet!

With double towel rail, you get double the towel storage compared to single towel rails, for the same amount of wall space.

Remember, however, that parallel rails mean that the towel rail will protrude out of the wall more than a single towel rail would. If you don’t have enough space to install a towel rail without it being in the way or causing injury to the people who use the bathroom, you might want to consider installing two single towel rails instead of a double towel rail.

A longer, single towel rail is great for small bathrooms

The best thing about towel rails is that they come in different lengths. If you have limited space in your bathroom but need room to dry two towels at once, you can opt to install a single towel rail that’s longer than the average size. This will facilitate maximum air circulation for drying wet towels and are compact in their relative flushness against the wall. 

Find a place in your bathroom in which you can easily install a long, wall-mounted towel rail. Remember to find a spot that doesn’t get in the way of other bathroom functions and accessories because a longer towel rail means a bigger space dedicated along the wall to fit two towels next to each other. 

Towel rails don’t have to be all work and no play – choose stylish additions for your bathroom!

Regardless of whether you’re revamping your wash closet or undertaking a simple renovation, choosing either a double towel rail or a single towel rail depends on your requirements. The range of towel rails at WHO bathroom warehouse is designed to be, both, functional and complement the style of your bathroom. 

Carefully manufactured by three prominent brands, HQ, Nero, and Vanna, these simplistic designs are the ultimate solution for functionality and clean visual lines.

Happy shopping!

13th Feb 2021

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