Bathroom robe hooks are often the last things we think of when we’re fitting out a new bathroom or shower area, although it’s probably one of the most-used bathroom accessories. So, it’s important to give this seemingly banal accessory some serious thought!

Many people think that bathroom robe hooks can easily be replaced with a towel rail or that it’s an unnecessary bathroom accessory. On the other hand, we believe that bathroom robe hooks can add serious functionality and can even be used instead of a towel rail to save space in your wash closet. 

In this post, we are sure to get you hooked on why you can’t do without bathroom robe hooks!

1. Bathroom robe hooks are space-saving whizzes

First, think about who will be using your bathroom. Is this a spacious master bathroom that will just be used by one or two people? The main bath space for a busy family? Or a guest bathroom that will be used, like, twice a year? 

Next, look at the amount of space you have in your bathroom. A bathroom with a separate tub and shower may have enough wall space for a long, single towel rail or a double towel rail, while a compact bathroom may only have room for one small, single towel rail or several bathroom robe hooks, next to the combined tub and shower.

Robe hooks are a good choice for small bathrooms with limited wall space and an even better choice if it will be used by several people. A small bathroom may only have enough wall space for one 24” towel bar, while the same space could hold three to four bathroom robe hooks

2. Robe hooks help you to keep your bathroom organised

If your bathroom is used by several people in the family, you could install a bathroom robe hook for each person so no one uses the wrong bath towel. Also, if you mean to keep your wash closet organised and tidy, one set of bathroom robe hooks will allow you to hang your clothes, robes or towels in an orderly fashion.

Even if you have a towel rail installed, adding a single or several robe hooks isn’t a waste as it can be used to hang your clothes while you’re in the shower. It could also hold your thick, fluffy towel if you don’t want to squeeze it through the towel rail.

3. They can even pass off as bathroom decoration!

If you’re willing to spend some extra cash, you can easily transform your simple bathroom robe hooks into something that can be both functional and part of the decor in your bathroom. 

You can bring creativity and fun to your wash closet and complete the robe hooks with an added decoration. Extend the part that is fixed to the wall into decor or pair it up with a wall decoration to bring some life to your otherwise minimalistic space. 

You can also use matte black robe hooks instead of chrome or brass hooks and make a bold statement!

4. Use robe hooks as a tool storage option

Tools usually have a loop-thread or hook integrated into the design, which can be used to your advantage, to organize cleaning supplies and other tools. You can use robe hooks to hold things like glass wipers, bathroom cleaners, air fresheners, scissors, hairdryers, curling irons, loofas or bath sponges. 

Bathroom robe hooks are more sturdy compared to pegboard hooks, which always seem to fall out when you remove something that hangs on them. 

Install bathroom robe hooks for a clean and stylish wash closet!

Robe hooks are easily one of the most versatile bathroom accessories; they can be used to save space, add style, and keep your bathroom tidy, organised, and clutter-free.

Choose bathroom robe hooks that are of good quality to ensure that they last for a long time. It’s our opinion that chrome or stainless steel are some of the best options in the market!